LAT Goes to the Beach!

Despite forecasts of continuous rain showers throughout the entire weekend, LANE ARCHIVE went ahead and braved the ‘storm’ on the way to Blue Coral Laiya, Batangas for its annual company outing last May 17, 2008. Thankfully, the heavens cooperated and gave way to a beautiful sunny & rain-free day (thanks to the egg offering made to the nuns at Sta. Clara!).

Assembling in Taguig as early as 4:00am, over 100 employees reached the site at 9:00 am all excited to experience once again the sand and the sea of Laiya . This being our third year to be in Batangas, once past the tight security, each group already knew where to go and how to enjoy the different areas of the site.

And, as in any Filipino gathering, the fun in fellowship is spelled sumptuous food and karaoke!

Lunch of grilled pork and fish, sinigang, chicken pastel, chopsuey was served buffet style with – how can we forget – lechon! Buko pandan and an abundance of fresh fruits capped the meal. The queue at the buffet table was so long, about an hour – proof of our guys’ insatiable appetites. No time to get bored while in line though, as the others entertained the group with their singing using the good old Karaoke machine.

After a brief rest, the games prepared by the organizing committee started the ball rolling in the afternoon. Relays and a beer drinking contest got everyone’s attention as teams blue, red, white and green tried to outdo each other. Stories were shared about everyone’s different experiences in certain games. Opinions were exchanged as to which one got their adrenaline flowing. In the end, Team White emerged as overall winner.

At around 4:00 pm, everyone headed back to their respective buses, not only leaving behind them a day filled with relaxation, fun, bonding, recreation and beach tripping, but also bringing home a lot of fun-filled memories, with friends, to look back on (not to mention sunburn, and empty cameras).