Starting the design and development for the construction of Lane Archive Technologies’ second facility as part of its expansion programs. Building of satellite Records facilities nation-wide.

Reaching our mark for One Million (1,000,000 Million) cartons of records being entrusted to us!!!

We are a proud members of P.R.M.A. (Philippine Records Management Association), International Associations P.R.I.S.M (Professional Records and Information Service Managers) and A.R.M.A. (Association of Records Managers of America). With a fulltime, focused and dedicated staff, we take pride in serving our customers with the world’s best technology, security and customer service, totally committed to quality.

With more than 700 customers, and managing over 2,500,000,000 files, Lane Archive Technology has truly earned it name as “The most trusted and respected name for Information Management” in the Philippines Being awarded by GPIoS ( Green Philippines).